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Valtrix joins RISC-V International

Nov 4, 2020. | By: Shubhodeep Roy Choudhury

I am proud to announce that Valtrix has joined RISC-V International, a global non-profit organization aiming to promote and democratize the open source RISC-V instruction set architecture.

Valtrix is an EDA startup developing solutions for functional verification of SoC/CPU implementations. We also provide engineering services and guidance across a range of open source and proprietary implementations to meet the requirements of our customers who look for a robust and scalable verification infrastructure.


Our flagship product, STING, is a powerful and highly-scalable design verification tool developed keeping in mind the flexible and extensible nature of RISC-V ISA. It has been deployed and is being extensively used in a number of companies like Google, Seagate, Esperanto and Sifive to verify the functionality of a wide range of RISC-V systems of varying complexity.

Our goals are well-aligned with the key objectives of RISC-V International, to bring the industry together and enable a new era of collaborative, open instruction set architecture development. We will continuously evolve STING as the RISC-V ecosystem evolves, and hope to collaborate with existing and new partners who could use our solutions and expertise to create bug-free compliant designs.

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